Ada's List Conf 2017 - Call For Papers
Thank you for considering Ada's List Conf 2017. We welcome all submissions, and will announce the successful applicants in a follow-up email soon. The deadline for submissions is 29th August 2017 - all you need to apply is a title for your proposed talk and a 5 to 10 line description of what you will cover and why. Please note that you will need to be based in London. As Ada’s List is run entirely by volunteers, we will unfortunately not be able to pay you.

To help you with you submission, please see the following guidance: 
* We are expecting 150 in the audience
* Session length will be 20 - 25 minutes (This includes any Q&A time you would like)
* Speakers aren't permitted to use their own equipment, in order to make the running as smooth as possible
* Talk / Workshop topics can be anything around technology, diversity, and inclusion

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